Create and print your own tickets.

Housie Tickets
Housie is one of the most popular gambling game in the world.

It is highly sociable game and enjoyable.

This software will help you easily organize your housie sessions, create and print your own housie tickets, call out the numbers (make draws) using a random number generator, check the winning combinations.

Next, this software will be available to help you organize housie games.

Housies are often used as a fund raiser for charitable causes. Churches, schools, associations, sport teams, senior centers and social clubs need to raise money

Housie tickets software is a Housie tickets maker and a Housie game manager that easily and quickly allows you to run a successful housie session.

This application contains the following features :

- Creating games and tickets (automatically or manually). Tickets are numbered.

- A numbered stub on the left side of the ticket can be added. You can customize tickets (add your own text, url or sponsor on each ticket)

- Tickets can be previewed and printed.

- Players database with game records and ticket holder details can be done.

- Managing distribution or sales. You can easily add players and assign tickets.

- Full reports can be printed (players lists and game results, games history ...)

- Ability to display tickets in PDF Format.

- Ticket selection - Tickets can be included or excluded of a game session (play game ticket selections).

- Using "play game displayer" (or draw manager) you can randomly select a number or just enter it by clicking on a numbered board.

- Live control (during a draw session) of player's winning combinations (one line, two lines or full housie).

- Displaying computer animation of called numbers (digits animation, voice calling ...)

- Exporting and printing winners lists and other reports. Backup and restoration ... and more ...


February 2011